Wonderful Wedding Venue

Looking for the ideal place to have a small wedding? Seems like we have the best option for you: Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Intimate weddings are usual when thinking in destination weddings. Get in contact with BeThatBrideEvents so we can answer all your questions.

Furthermore, talking about Sunset Da Mona Lisa, we have a lot of compliments to give to this venus. However, while the place is amazing by itself, if you add a beautiful couple like Abby and Brian, you can see the result in the photos below. Working with this small wedding was easy and smooth since the beginning.

Therefore, you can appreciate a combination of the great Cabo Arch in the back of the photos, the astonishing sunset and this small but amazing group of people. Plus, having dinner at this restaurant is something we always recommend, even if you are not getting married in Cabo.

Also, this is an example where you can plan a simple wedding and still make it look amazing. Finally, thanks to Abby and Brian for letting us be part of your special day. We truly wish you the best for the years to come. And don’t forget to visit us again in Cabo.


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