What kind of ceremony would you choose for your Destination Wedding?

Well this is a very important decision that you need to make before you choose the venue and the date.

Most of the Destination Weddings are non-denominational Symbolic Ceremonies. In this one you are able to choose the Minister, choose the reading for your ceremony (Traditional, Short & Sweet, or Religious) said your own vows and add anything that you would like as Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, add some Catholic touches like the “Lazo or Arras” also you can have and sign a Symbolic Marriage Certificate; you are able to create your own Symbolic Ceremony. There is not paperwork required for this one.

However, these are not the only options, just that the other kind of details,ceremonies have different restrictions, depending the ideology and religion. Here are some of the restrictions that you need to know. Please talk with your Wedding Designer at BeThatBrideEvents.com to clarified any questions that you may have.

Catholic Ceremony: performed by a Priest. It is the bride and groom who perform the Sacrament of Matrimony (marriage), but a marriage can only be valid if the Church. You both and your witnesses need to be prepared with the classes and sacraments and should follow up in advance; after you are ready, your Priest need to send the validation to Baja California Sur confirming all the procedures where done appropriated.  After that, our Priest will have the right to marry you.

Legal Ceremony: performed by a Judge. For this one there are more expenses involve and paperwork requirements. You will need birth certificate, four witnesses, blood tests and tourist permit. The ceremony will be performed in Spanish; your Wedding Designer will help you to have a translator so your guests understand the reading. After you are married, the Marriage Certificate will become in Spanish. So in order to make it legal at your home, you need to check in your Court House the required documentation for it, that includes a Notarized Translation of your Certificate. This is the reason that most of the couples decide to do the Legal part at home and avoid all these process and expenses.

Jewish Ceremony: performed by a Rabbi. For this one couple will often bring their own from home. This ceremony is not allowed to be on Saturday.

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