Your Wedding Reception at Los Cabos, should be better on the sand or on the ground?

This is a very good question that you should really think about it.

Would you like that you and your guest feel comfortable during reception? Then you should opt for having your reception on the ground,

For ceremony, you may want that your guests be barefoot and enjoy the relaxation that the sand makes in your feet when you are walking on…

For cocktail hour, if you would like that the majority of your guests be part of the pictures, then maybe you should decide to have the  cocktail hour close to the ceremony area, in that way your guests will be close enough for pictures when your photographer require them.

And for reception, this is the chance for your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy the party! Now you and the girls will be able to use their high heel shoes!!!

Ask to your Wedding Designer at Be That Bride Events to create a magnificent set up for your dinner and reception!

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