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I was just asked this question by a friend the other day: “Will you plan your own wedding?” My response: HECK NO! haha Thats like asking if a brain surgeon would perform his own brain surgery (that may be a bit different but you get the point).

My goal, for every wedding i plan, is to release as much stress off the Bride and Groom as possible. Nobody wants to deal with the amount of detail that is needed in planning and budgeting a wedding when they have fun engagement parties and girly bridals showers to attend. Thats all the fun stuff! Why not sit back and enjoy it? Which, is exactly my thinking! I’d like to wake up the day of my wedding and sip a mimosa while my hair and make up is being done. Not run around trying to figure out why my florist hasn’t shown up on time, or why the linens that were delivered are two different colors (yes, it happens).

If anyone will suggest hiring a wedding planner, its going to be a wedding planner. No, not because they are trying to sell you a wedding package, or make some extra money, but because they know first hand all the crazy situations that come up behind the scenes at a wedding.

Have a professional help you with your wedding. Trust me. 🙂

Until next time,

– Amanda –

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