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For lots of weddings, a wedding dress is a wedding dress, right?  However — you have decided on the adventure of a destination wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico, and for your dream wedding you are going to need a CABO Style gown!!  So, am I suggesting a specific style of dress? Or a specific designer?  No way, but in the interest of your own comfort, I am suggesting that you consider a number of things before making that purchase!  With a little extra foresight and planning you can eliminate any gown/train/veil regrets that might keep you from 100% satisfaction on your wedding day!

Regardless of the time of year you have chosen to get married, the temperatures in Cabo are likely to be higher and the sun a bit more intense than you would experience at home on the same day of the year!  You are getting married in the Tropics!

You may well want to choose a gown with fewer layers of fabric so that your dress doesn’t trap body heat.  Similarly, some fabrics breathe better than others, and sleeveless dresses allow for better ventilation!  Bridal shops can present dresses in your choice of style that suit the specific needs for a tropical wedding day.  (By the way, if you choose a sleeveless or strapless gown, be sure to plan your pool/sun time to avoid tan lines!)

You need to be aware that Cabo is typically windy, and depending on the venue that you choose for your celebration, you may be in an area where wind currents are consistently high throughout the afternoon/evening hours.  So – this may affect your choice of headdress as well as the size and shape of the skirt on your gown.

Another consideration in choosing that perfect dress is the train!  If you are going with a terrace or poolside wedding, a significant train on your dress may present no challenge, whereas, with a beach wedding, you may decide not to deal with the difficulty of sporting a train while walking on the sand!

Finally, be sure to check with your airline about restrictions/requirements for transporting your wedding gown.  Absolutely carry your dress on the flight with you rather than checking it with baggage, and once you know your airline’s policies, it’s a good idea to have your bridal shop help you pack the gown.

Happy shopping — May the perfect dress be yours!!


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