What do your wedding colors say about you?

Over the next few months, I want to take a look at a “color wheel” of weddings.  I hope you will join me as you set out to choose exactly the right look and feel for your destination wedding!

For some brides, the choice of colors is a no-brainer, truly a decision made when they were little girls, based simply on their favorite color and a lifetime of picturing their bridesmaids adorned in that color, carrying flowers to match!  Other brides truly love more than one color and want to see how best to implement those colors to “make a statement” and set the tone for their celebrations and, really, even for their marriages.  Some brides LOVE a particular color but learn that their groom or their prospective mother-in-law HATES the same color, so choose simply to accent with that color but want to integrate it into the beauty of their wedding day by picking another or two other colors that will be totally sensational when accented by that favorite color.  How do you do that?  What do your choice of colors project to your guests?  What a fun slant on making an important decision!

So join me, as once a week for the next few months we will look candidly at color choices for spring weddings, summer weddings, autumn and winter weddings.  We’ll start right now with summer weddings, for those brides who are looking at summer of next year as the time for their weddings.

Cheers, and see you next time!


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