Villa Weddings in Los Cabos. Be That Bride Events The Cabo wedding planning specialists.

Considering a Villa wedding in Cabo? Contact Be That Bride Events, this is a local wedding planning company that specializes in villa weddings.  We work hand in hand with Cabo Villas to unsure the villa you choose for your event is perfect!

Honestly we love Villa weddings. Here is the thing. They are a ton of work for a wedding planner (hire one or you are dead in the water) you cannot rent a villa and just go to Costco and have a party. You need permits and you need to do it right. To us privacy is everything.

A wedding of 10 or a wedding of 200 needs to have its own space. On the day you say “I will love you forever” and make the biggest commitment of your life do without strangers in bathing suits joining in please.

We are not saying that resorts do not have privacy, some do and we can tell you what resorts to choose and with any problem telling you where Not to have your wedding.

Christina and Matt great wedding choice. The wedding was beautiful. The traditional whites with some blue and yellow touches with the ocean on the back was an excellent ambience for a great Villa Wedding.

Great wedding From Be That Bride Events!! Thank-you Christina and Matt for trusting all of us with your day!

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