Venues for your Destination Wedding in Mexico!

You have the engagement ring; you have the date; now thinking in your Wedding Venue!

In Los Cabos we have really nice venues that you can choose from.

We have amazing Meadows, with the big waves crashing on the back! Or some private beaches with just your wedding décor and guests on it.

We also have great Resorts with all-inclusive plans very affordable for your guests for them to spend little vacations while assisting to your Wedding Day!

Also we have wonderful Blessed Chapels where you can get marry by a Priest or by a Minister.

After your ceremony, then you can also have your reception at one of our beautiful Restaurants with the famous Arch of Los Cabos as a picture frame!

Talk with your Wedding Designer at and let them know your preferences, so based in that, they will provide you the appropriate information and the best options for you.

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