At one of the best venues for destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas, Sunset Da’ Mona Lisa, offering great value and a view to die for, we, at Be That Bride Events, coordinated one of our favorite weddings to date, on a Monday in July.   The wedding party and guests, many traveling from Siberia, Russia and Singapore, were lively and willing participants in the fun surprises planned by the bride and her Be That Bride Events wedding specialist, and, because of the layout and location of this great wedding venue, Sunset Da’ Mona Lisa lends itself to creative activities for guests as well as unparalleled photo opts.  The bride, Tatiana, a trained dancer, choreographed a charming “first dance” with her new husband, Ilya who proved to be a great sport.  The bride was able to change out of her wedding gown, into a more appropriate dress for dancing then back into her gown all because of the room set aside for the bridal party at this accommodating venue.

The location of Sunset Da’ Mona Lisa is arguably the best spot on the bay in Cabo San Lucas.  The assorted levels of tiled patios meander around a pool and offer a niche for the ceremony, another for cocktails and Mariachi, another for dancing and yet another for dining.  Depending on the number of guests, this restaurant can be booked out or you can just reserve the spaces you need.  The experienced and knowledgeable staff are familiar with the nuances associated with weddings and their service reflects that. They are attentive to each guest and no one is without a drink for very long. We think this venue is ideal for the couple who can keep their group to under 50 guests and who want to have a fun and lively time during their celebration.

If value, view and a great venue are your priority for your special day, contact a wedding specialist at Be That Bride Events.  They will share with you some of the ways you can make your day unique to your dream of a destination wedding in Cabo.

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