What Type Of Bar Do You Want For Your Cabo Wedding?

Any person who has been to a wedding knows that the reception is where the party begins. With good food and fabulous drinks, this is where you get to have fun and let loose after all the stress of planning your wedding. But many people wonder whether they should have an open bar or not at a destination wedding. Here is what you should consider when trying to make this decision:

Do your guests drink a lot- When it comes to a reception and the type of bar to offer your guests, you may want to consider just how much alcohol your guests consume. If you have a guest list of mainly family and a few friends that don’t particularly drink that much, you may want to consider a cash bar or just a consumption limit. This way you know you are only paying a set amount and that you aren’t paying too much for a bar that may not get used that much. The opposite can be said for a group that likes to really party! Having an open bar will save you money in the end if you have a group of guests that want to enjoy a few drinks.

How many guests do you have- A destination wedding usually consists of a small group of people that you care about the most. However, there are couples that want to have a big wedding in Cabo. Just consider your guest list and how many people you are having attend. This will hugely impact whether you should have an open bar to accommodate the large number of people, or a bar set on consumption for a smaller more intimate group.

Both of these things can play huge factors in the type of bar you have as well as how much money you may end up spending if you did not know to consider it! Contact us at Be That Bride Events and let us help you get this question and all of the other important details perfect for you on your wedding day!


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Signature cocktails

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