Turtle Release: Creating Long-lasting Destination Wedding Memories in Cabo San Lucas

Here in Cabo, we have an annual event called “Turtle Release,” which started in September. Say that you’re an animal lover…this may be a fun activity to do as a group activity or something to remember from your destination wedding (or event)!!! You will get to choose from a selection of newborn sea turtle hatchlings, name it, then safely release it into the ocean where it will live out its days as a maturing Cabo sea turtle. With this activity, not only will you have a lifelong memory, but you will also be aiding in wildlife preservation!!! In addition, a portion of your payment will be donated to a local sea turtle conservation program. There are many resorts in Los Cabos that coordinate this event. There are also a number of beaches in the San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas areas that coordinate this event.

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