Traditional Sand Ceremony for your Destination Wedding!

A wedding sand ceremony is a very simple idea that can be incredibly powerful and can be incorporated during your beach wedding in Los Cabos.

The meaning of a wedding sand ceremony is the union as one family from individuals ones. Each member who will participate in the sand ceremony should have different color of sand, that at the end become in just one but with the different colors and personalities. In this sand ceremony can participate the couple and children or any other very important member of the family who become now as one family!

All the wording during your sand ceremony can be adapted to reflect your desires. You can add this to your religious or non-religious ceremony, to a vow renewal or to your legal wedding.

What you need is a large keepsake vase, two smaller vases, as well as a seashell filled with a small amount of the sand from the beach you are standing on. This will be the first layer poured by the officiant (or parent, child or any loved one that you would like to start).

It is to symbolize the “foundation” that a relationship is built on. It also serves as a memento of this special day!

You may choose to have the officiant read a poem while everyone pours their sand. Remember you may choose any poem you like.

Please contact our Wedding Designers who will be happy to coordinate this special sand ceremony for you!






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