TIPS for you to consider for your great Wedding Photos at Los Cabos

Help to your professional photographers to capture the best of you!

With this few and easy steps, your photographers will be able to have the perfect pictures for your Big Day!

Consider the weather: most of the days at Los Cabos are sunny and warm. Ask to your Wedding Designer at to provide you with the best Make-up and Hair style artist in town. They need to know and use the best products and give you the better options for your Hair Style and make-up stays perfect during the long night. You should consider to have a touch ups between ceremony and reception.

Stay out of the sun: every skin in different, but most of them turns red within few minutes on the sun stay! So if you can’t avoid the sun before your Wedding day, you should use SPF 85-110 sunscreen and of course try to stay on the shade. You don´t want to look red or with some tan marks in your shoulders! Also for using sunglasses, make sure that you and your Groom use also sunscreen, you don’t want the mark of the sunglasses to be in all your pictures!

Stay hydrated. Don´t forget to drink a lot of water. Alcohol doesn’t help your skin and will be shown in your pictures, so drink less alcohol and more water.

Last but not least, smile all the time! Enjoy everything and this emotion should be reflected in all your pictures! After the wedding day, every time that you look at your pictures you will feel that join in your smiles!






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