Deciding on a destination wedding and then the best time of year in that destination will be a crucial decision while planning your wedding in Los Cabos.  Sure, Spring is the traditional choice and depending on where you live, that could be between March 1st to June 30th.  October and into November, before Thanksgiving, is also a popular wedding window.  Most venues and resorts in Los Cabos will consider these times their high season and be priced accordingly.  But, what if you didn’t mind the climate a little warmer and move into July or August for your wedding in Cabo?   Know that the weather here can warm up in early June and continue until the first week of November.  That is what happened last year.  However, this year, June was truly Spring like while July claimed the beginning of Summer.   Even in this heat we, the wedding planning team at Be That Bride Events, have executed some of our finest weddings to date and encourage our couples to take a look at these off-times to get a bigger “bang for their buck” in venues, resorts, wedding vendors, etc.  We will also show you how to adjust your budget and plan to accommodate for your guests comfort in a warmer climate while never sacrificing any of the special details you demand on this momentous occasion.

With the hundreds of successful weddings to our credit, Be That Bride Events, can assure that your special day is just that.  Special!  No matter what time of year.

Esperanza Resort Los Cabos Mexico

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