Tequila shot, great drink for a great Destination Wedding in Mexico!

If you would like to incorporate a real Mexican drink to your Destination Wedding, make sure to have Tequila during your party!

Tequila is the name for a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, the practice that real tequila can come only from the State of Jalisco, Mexico. We have very good different brands and kind of Tequila as silver, rested or aged.

So said that if you are getting married in Mexico, then you should have Tequila during your Destination Wedding!

You can have the mini bottles of tequila as a favor to thank all your guests.

Also you can have a bottle of Tequila per table.

What about having your toast with a shot of Tequila?

Ask to your Wedding Designer at BeThatBrideEvents.com for the available brands, styles and presentations and have few bottles for your guests

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