Wedding Color - Yellow

Before actually discussing yellow as your wedding color, I want to mention that the earlier in your planning process that you decide on colors, the more you and your wedding planner can integrate it into all aspects of your big day.   Your color can flow through your wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table décor, invitations and many other details, helping you to set the mood you’re after.

Your wedding colors are entirely your decision, but it is wise to consider your wedding venue and how relaxed or how formal you see your wedding.  Be sure to choose a hue that complements your location and radiates the energy you want to project into your celebration!

It’s been said that color choices reflect your personality, and the colors of your wedding are the background against which your wedding party and guests will picture your future marriage!

That said; let’s kick off this Wedding Colors series with yellow!

Yellow is said to personify wisdom, happiness and joy.  It is reported that people of high intellect tend to choose yellows and that it stimulates creativity and intellect!  I have read the suggestion to use yellow in our lives for clarity when it comes to making decisions, for relief from stress, anxiety and fatigue, to help with memory and powers of concentration, and of to provide a lift in the spirit during rainy or dull weather! Yellow is uplifting, hopeful, happy and fun!!

Of course there are many shades of yellow!

For a spring wedding, you might like the freshness of a lemon yellow, whereas summer brides might go with the buttery color of the summer sun.  And then there’s gold, a member of the family, and it is said to represent success.  Actually gold goes a step farther, being linked to abundance, wealth, luxury and well being.  Prestige, sophistication, value and elegance all join in the fun of gold!

It’s hard to picture a venue in Cabo that wouldn’t support your choice of yellow for your wedding colors.  Further, yellow is compatible with a host of other colors which you can use for accents.

Happy shopping for dresses, flowers, table linens, etc. to highlight your color choice!


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