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Baja Wedding Ceremony – Legal?

legal wedding in cabo

What you need to know in regards to the legalities of getting married in Mexico, Los Cabos specifically, is that there are two types of ceremonies. The most popular is the non-denominational ceremony which does not change your marital status anywhere in the world so most couples get married in the U. S., or their…

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The perfect wedding location in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Cabo Wedding Planner “Be That Bride Events”

OK, OK, imagine this…You arrive at the chapel by horse-drawn carriage.  Your wedding party awaits, as you step down from the carriage to ascend the old Mexican steps to the beautiful historic chapel exuding an aura of romance and enchantment. The One and Only PamillaResort is a heavenly location for a wedding. The chapel is Located on a hill overlooking the…

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