Sweetheart Table for the newly Couple at Los Cabos

If you are having hard time deciding who is going to seat next to you or to your Groom at your wedding dinner table, then is simple, have your own Sweetheart Table!

Plan with your Wedding Designer at BeThatBrideEvents.com the best place for your sweetheart table; you need to feel in the right place for your Wedding Dinner.

We can set your table in front or in the middle of all the guests’ tables so you both will be able to see all your guests.

Also the sweetheart table can be set in front of the dance floor, in that way you will be just in front of all the fun. Either place that you and your Wedding Planner decide, should be the best spot!

Don’t forget to have some décor for your sweetheart table and also set your Bridal Bouquet next to you!

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