Be Sweet during your Destination Wedding!

Adding a colored Candy Table is a sweet great idea; your guest will enjoy having some sweet bites during the party!

Your Wedding Designer at will be happy to help you and provide you the ideas for a spectacular Candy Table that matches with the entire wedding décor and also providing your preferred candies! She also can assign someone in charge of taking care of the table so no run out of candies during your Wedding Night!

Usually we set a long table with a nice tablecloth (same color as your dinner tables) many cylinders and containers with different shapes and height, filling each one with different kind of candies, lollypops, gums, chocolates, gummies, mints, etc. You can personalize yours and have them all in the same color. Another great idea is to add some cookies with your initials or mini muffins with your color cover.

Don’t forget to have small bags, some tweezers or scoops accordingly with the candies or dessert chosen.

Be sweet and enjoy it!


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