I was hoping, here, to mitigate the fear a couple might have when making the decision to  come to Los Cabos for their destination wedding.

Last month, after a year of preparation, Los Cabos hosted the G20. Dignitaries and their entourage  from twenty countries attended meetings on economy, tourism and general “let’s work together” ideas.  A new convention center was built in San Jose to accommodate meetings and many of our areas more interesting venues saw a flurry of business as these visitors attended meetings, had catered meals prepared by some of our areas best chefs while local artists were hired to entertain.

Los Cabos was a natural choice not only for it’s beauty and amenities, and, as much as we would like to think we can beat out any destination in the world, the deciding factor was “how safe can we keep these important visitors?”  Because of geography alone, Los Cabos was a top consideration.  As it is much like an island, security is manageable.  Go North and your in the desert, any other direction and your out at sea.  The Federal Police were brought in from Mexico City to control and observe traffic along the corridor between the two cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, while Coast Guard vessels cruised our coastline just off shore.

There were no incidents, no one was hurt, except in a typical traffic accident, and everyone went away with a good impression of Los Cabos and Mexico overall.   We locals were glad to see it all go away and yet were thrilled that it went so well as it says a lot about the skill and ability of our local services including the police force and the municipal departments.

Tourism in Mexico is the number two industry behind oil production and Los Cabos is valued as one of Mexico’s best destinations.   The local powers that be, receive funds from the federal government to keep the tourist industry strong and safe.  Bad people can be found anywhere, however, they have not been allowed to establish any damaging roots in this lively and protected jewel of a community.

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