Shipping favor boxes for your Cabo Destination Wedding?

About the favor boxes, of course it is fine if you may want to ship it to Los Cabos in advance so you do not have to pack it in your luggage.

It is really important to contact an expert in brokerage and logistics for weddings and special events. Or Let us at Be That Bride Events handle everything for you!!!  The experts will provide you a customized explanation about the best way for you to ship the mentioned wedding favors, to avoid they could get retained at the customs border and to avoid you may be surprised for additional charges these items may cause.

What is really important is NOT TO SHIP THROUGH COURIER COMPANIES, since every single shipment needs to go through customs and pay taxes and, despite what all they say when you call them in the US, telling you there is no problem at all to ship, there is since courier companies are only allowed to import personal belongings and have no importation permits for many kind of items and materials such as textile, sunscreen, gels and liquids amongst many other.  In the other side, the first point of entry determines the taxes to pay and UPS is the only courier in border zone, where Cabos is located and pays less tax than mainland where all other couriers have their fiscal warehouses.

We know about this, since some Brides had sent us materials and were diverted to mainline cities (Guadalajara, Mexico City, etc), paying higher taxes and even once,  just to receive boxes in time, having to declared as abandoned part of the shipment.

So before you buy the things that you would like to use during your wedding, ask your Wedding Planner at to provide you the information for their preferred brokerage company and work with them to ship your items safe!








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