Sand, Sun And Wedding Fun In Cabo!

Cabo San Lucas is home to beautiful sand and year round sunshine. It is one of the top destinations not only for vacations and honeymoons, but to brides and grooms looking to tie the knot in a unique destination wedding. Here in Cabo, you are sure to be surrounded by such breathtaking beauty that you will feel like you could stay here forever. And that is exactly how your guests will feel when they land for a week of celebrating your big day.

With your family and friends in one of the most beautiful and fun places in the world, you want to make sure they have a great time during the week and on your wedding day. So here are a couple things to consider to fully embrace the sand and sun in Cabo during your wedding:

Games- Have some fun games on the beach during your reception. Games like paddle boards and bocce ball are perfect for a sandy beach wedding. Everyone remembers the days of college sitting on the beach with a drink play games. So bring back the fun and memories for your day!

Cocktails- Besides your day spent sipping margaritas on Mango Deck down on Medano Beach, have a signature cocktail or drink passed around. Everyone loves a fun cocktail with a festive umbrella or even and personalized addition with your new monogram. Embrace the sunny feel of Cabo San Lucas and pass around a glass of delicious and refreshing fun.

Your wedding day will be perfect. You are in the most gorgeous place you could imagine. It’s your time to enjoy the sand, sun and all the wedding fun you could ever dream of. Contact us at Be That Bride Events and let us help you plan your dream day.


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