Romantic Sunset Cabo Wedding

Imagine being in the warmth of Los Cabos, Mexico with the sound of waves masking the sounds of everyday life, allowing you to focus all your senses on marrying the one you love.  Take it a step further, and picture yourselves surrounded by your families and treasured friends, the sun preparing to set behind you and a backdrop of the outstanding natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas.  Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?  Truly, a destination wedding ceremony on the beach or overlooking the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean has to be the ultimate in romance!

Los Cabos weddings are even more romantic by virtue of the hospitality and warmth of the Mexican people.  Consistently friendly and ready to help you enjoy all that Mexico has to offer, talented Los Cabos hospitality staff excels in offering personal service and some of the finest dining experiences anywhere.  Fresh produce and local seafood delights set the scene for world class chefs to pamper you with the finest cuisine, beautifully presented and served by gracious staff.   Now consider this service in the romantic setting of evening seaside dining.  I think you will agree – sounds pretty romantic!!

Now imagine yourselves as an old married couple of one or two or 20 years, and realize that Mexico can continue to keep your romantic flames going by offering you close to home  anniversary trips where you can recapture/relive some of your favorite romantic wedding memories !

– Marci –

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