Rehearsal Dinner Options

Deliciously different from traditional weddings, destination weddings are the perfect canvas for expressing a couple’s personality.  Fresh ideas, the bride’s creativity, and the specific wedding locale offer a perfect opportunity for creating a memorable, like-no-other celebration!  For my purposes today, I want to encourage you to take a look at some options for a “rehearsal dinner” in Cabo!  This event will include everyone who has supported you by traveling, in this case, to another country to share in your destination wedding.

The actual rehearsal for the wedding ceremony will include bride, groom, parents and attendants and will take place sometime the day before the wedding at your actual wedding location.  However, the dinner event is a party which you can plan at whatever time of day – and in whatever location pleases you!  Perhaps you will decide to hire caterers and take your wedding party and guests, along with your caterers, to a great Mexican beach for an afternoon and early evening of swimming, sunning, eating and imbibing!  Or, you might decide to hire a sailboat for an evening cruise before a private dinner at the restaurant of your choice.  You might even decide to book a “party cruise,” with dinner, drinks and dancing included, and plan to usher your guests to a local watering hole for some tequila tasting once the cruise has returned to the marina!

Whatever choice you make, be sure that your wedding planner arranges for transportation to and from the event so that everyone is sure to get home safely.  Further, if your event is inappropriate for small children, check with your resort – or with your wedding planner – to set up appropriate childcare for kids while their parents are involved in your party!

Have fun with your choice!  Confide in your wedding planner with your vision, being sure to let her know of any physical limitations of your guests, so that she can design exactly the right party for you!

Here’s a bit more information on Sunset cruises in Cabo San Lucas! Take a look:

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas – Sunset Cruise from BeThatBride on Vimeo.

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