4th of July Cocktail

The vows have been said. The rings have been exchanged. You are now the new Mr. and Mrs. that all of your friends and family have been waiting to celebrate with. Now it is off the reception to dance the night away and really have some fun with the new couple. Its time for food and cakes and music, and what some would say the best part, the drinks!

Having a fun food or beverage station is a very popular trend in weddings right now. Stations like mashed potato bar and s’mores bar are really huge winners at many receptions. Here in Cabo, however, we have a different take on stations and trends for a reception. Here are some of our favorites we’ve seen:


Tequila Toasts

Many of our couples start their reception off with a little bit of fun with tequila shots! Past around in a Mexican style blown glass shot glass, or in a shot glass with you and your husband’s wedding date, we have seen this trend really take off. Why not start the party with something as fun as a shot of tequila in a country where tequila is the best of the best.

Margaritas with a Kick

Recently we fell in love with a cocktail that really wow-ed the guests, as well as ourselves! You are in the land of beaches and sweet and refreshing cocktail drinks, but you also in the land of spicy and amazingly flavorful food. A Jalapeño Margarita is the perfect spin of the spicy kick and refreshing beach drinks of Mexico. Your guests will be amazed (and addicted!) to this amazing drink, making it the perfect signature drink at a destination wedding reception.

Champagne Chic

Nothing says tradition and style like a traditional, yet still perfect, champagne toast. We will always love the intimate and classic feel of guests each having a glass of bubbly champagne to raise their glasses to the happy couple.


No matter if you decide to just have a simple open bar or a specific signature beverage to past around, your reception with be full of fun, love and happiness for you and your new spouse. Be That Bride Events is the perfect full service wedding planning company to help you make the best choice for your reception. Contact us today and get your wedding plans kicked off with the best planning in Cabo. That way you can enjoy the day and the party! Relax and be happy as all of your friends and family raise a glass to the new happy couple!

Signature cocktails

Signature cocktails

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