Printed Menus for your Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

You have decided already the food that will be serving during your Wedding Dinner, now it is time to think about your printed menus.

It is very important that you let your guests now the menu that will be serve during your dinner and if possible a little description for the ingredients that each dish will have.

Also it is very important to have printed menus when you are giving to your guests the option for them to choose their main course. Having the printer menu, your guests will know what to order based in their likes, allergies or food restrictions.

You can opt for having just a couple of menus for table.  Another option is to have one menu per seat. You can use this menu as a Thank You Note to your entire guest so this piece of paper will have two purposes.

Talk with your Wedding Designer at to find out all the ingredients and description for each dish that you choose for your Wedding Dinner and enjoy the selection on the paper, letter size, font, color, etc. and make of your Menu-Thank You Card part of your table decoration.

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