Picking Your Guest List For Your Cabo San Lucas Wedding

There are a number of reasons why a couple would want to have a destination wedding. The beautiful setting, the perk of having a vacation and a wedding all in one trip, the relaxing atmosphere that comes with being some place like Cabo. There are plenty I could name. But with a destination wedding comes the pressure of picking your guest list for such an intimate environment.

So when it comes to picking your guest list you need to consider a few things:

Budget- Cabo is one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the world. You want a intimate wedding with the ones that you love, but you also have a tight budget. So picking your guest list should be something you consider when budgeting for your day. With a smaller budget, you will want to consider a smaller group of people. You came to Cabo to have a beautiful wedding that won’t bust your bank.

Wedding Environment- With any wedding, you have to decide on the time of feel and environment that you want your day to have. Destination weddings are perfect for relaxing and enjoying a vacation with the people who mean the most to you. Because of this, you want to consider who you want to share this with. Do you want to have just family? Maybe you want your family and a few close friends? These are all things to consider when you make up your selective list to invite to come to beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

There are a lot of pieces to planning a wedding. But planning a destination wedding in Cabo should be fun and exciting! Contact us today at Be That Bride Events and let us help you plan each detail to perfection.


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