It’s your wedding week! You are here in Cabo San Lucas with your groom and all your friends. You want to make sure that he has something special for the week to show that you are so happy to be marrying him. The question is, what is a perfect grooms gift for your husband-to-be?


The fisherman:

Cabo is home to hundreds of boats and boat rentals. So surprise him and his buddies with a guys trip out on the water with some authentic Mexican beer and fishing. Plus, this way you and your girls can run off to the spa for the day to start preparing for your big day!

The gentlemen:

Every man feels like a “real man” when they have that classy cigar and hip flask. So order him a new flask engraved with his initials (we wont say monogram so that they still feel manly!) before you leave and surprise him with it accompanied by a real Mexican or Cuban cigar purchased here upon your arrival. You will not be disappointed by the smile that comes to his face when you hand these over to him.

The fashionable man:

You are all dressed up for your rehearsal dinner the night before the big day and see how fantastic your groom looks all dressed up. What is he missing? Cufflinks from you, of course! Give him something special for him to wear on your wedding day that he will have forever. Every man needs a pair of cufflinks to make his suit complete. So make his special by ordering him some nice ones just from you.


No matter what you may decide to do for your soon to be husband, your groom will be so over joyed just to be marrying the love of his life. So do a little something special to make him see how happy you are that you get to spend the rest of your life with him. The wedding planners at Be That Bride Events have seen it all and are extremely talent in helping with tiny details like this. They are all waiting to help you plan your perfect day and the perfect gift. Contact us to make sure you get every question answered and every base covered on the road to your big day!

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