(Part Ten) A Destination Wedding in Cabo is More Affordable Than You Think!

Here’s the ninth item from the top TEN ways to save money on your destination wedding in Cabo.

Cake Options.

Who says you have to have a big elaborate wedding cake for your destination wedding in Cabo. Downsize your cake! Have a small cake just for cutting and indulge guests with something different by providing them with a dessert buffet. Cupcakes, mini pastries, churros, and mini sweets will not only save you money but provide variety for your guests. Finding amazing local bakers can be a challenge, contact us at BeThatBrideEvents.com and we can connect you with the best in Cabo! If you’d rather stick to just serving cake, keep it simple. Simple shape, flavor, filling, and simply decorated. Using fresh local flowers on your cake instead of complicated gumpaste flowers or decorations is a beautiful easy way to trim your cake cost.

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