(Part Seven) A Destination Wedding in Cabo is More Affordable Than You Think!

Here’s the sixth item from the top TEN ways to save money on your destination wedding in Cabo.

Reception Options For Your Destination Wedding in Cabo.

Who says your reception for your destination wedding in Cabo has to be a formal sit down dinner? Another popular choice is a cocktail party reception. After all, half the fun of a destination wedding in Cabo is to revel in the natural beauty of the scenery as well as in all the aspects of the Mexican culture. You’ll save tons on food and decorations. Most guest lists for destination weddings in Cabo are on the smaller side anyway, so why not serve drinks, pass out hearty hors d’oevres, and have finger foods after the ceremony. Floral decorations and candles for cocktail tables will be much less than big tables decorated for a sit down dinner. Also, cocktail receptions are more relaxed, therefore there’s no need for a seating chart (and the stress that goes along with it). Everyone will be able to move around, mingle, and enjoy! Guests can then all hit the town to experience all the nightlife that Cabo has to offer. Contact us at BeThatBrideEvents.com to help you organize everything.

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