(Part Four) A Destination Wedding in Cabo is More Affordable Than You Think!

Here’s the third item from the top TEN ways to save money on your destination wedding in Cabo.

Rehearsal dinner options.

Save on your rehearsal dinner by doing something different instead. The rehearsal dinner is usually more casual than the actual ceremony & reception and it allows you an opportunity to do something unusual and special with everyone. Because your guest list for your destination wedding in Cabo will be smaller, you might want to invite all your guests to this event. Go on a sunset cruise or have drinks, appetizers, and gather by a bonfire at the resort you’ll be staying at. You could also plan a beach day with a variety of activities such as volleyball, swimming, paddle boarding, or just relaxing and enjoying the spectacular views! After all, there’s not really much to rehearse anyway…it’s just about spending time with close family and friends that are here in Cabo to share in your special day.

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