(Part Eight) A Destination Wedding in Cabo is More Affordable Than You Think!

Here’s the seventh item the top TEN ways to save money on your destination wedding in Cabo.

Flower Options For Your Destination Wedding in Cabo.

Sure orchids may be your favorite flowers but keep in mind the time of year and what’s in season. However, if you have your heart set on a particular flower (orchids for example), choose a less expensive alternative of that same flower and it will trim costs significantly. A good wedding planner like BeThatBrideEvents.com can advise you on this as well as what blooms are in-season. Using lots of tropical green foliage in your arrangements will also save you money and the bright green will really stand out against the vibrant colors of the beach. Repurposing flowers is another great way to save tons of money. Think about it….a typical ceremony lasts about 20 minutes. Why would let those beautiful flowers go to waste? Ask your wedding planner about ideas on how to incorporate your ceremony flowers into the reception. Focusing on your bridal bouquet is important because it will be in all photos however, look for ways other than using flowers to use incorporate decorative items. Candles look incredible and provide romantic lighting after the sun has set. They can be placed in votives or floating in glass vases under a mirror. Just bear in mind, your venue might be a bit windy depending on the location. A single flower in a vase or even rose petal floating in water are other ways to trim costs. As you see, there are so many creative ways to still have beautiful flowers at your wedding but stay within your budget!

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