ideas for your Wedding Reception at Los Cabos

Not only the Sun illuminate Los Cabos!!!

Here are some Illumination ideas for your Wedding Reception in Los Cabos!!!

Adding some lighting and color will change dramatically the ambiance of your party.

No matter the color of your venue but adding touches you will personalize it and make it unique!

The illumination will help a lot to the photographers to have enough lighting during the pictures at night! With just few touches and color the reception will turn into a magical lighting night!

There are many options in Cabo that will look really nice accordingly with your likes; think in some bistro lights giving some romantic touch, some white paper lanterns adding white light to you tables, few up-lights and led lights underneath your tables with your preferred color, some robotic lights rotating lights during your dancing!

You should ask to your Wedding Designer at for some more ideas that you would like to add to your party.

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