Music for your Wedding Party in Los Cabos

You have already a Destination, your Wedding Planner, photographer and Minister!

Now it is time for selecting your preferred DJ or Band and of course your play list!!!

This list will be very helpful for your DJ or Band.

It is not necessary to list every single song that you would like to be played; what is really important for your music person is what kind of music you would like to be played and what kind of music you DON´T want to be played during your Big Day!

Also it is really important that you choose the following songs:

*First dance: this will be the first dance that you and your husband will dance as newlyweds! You can have something soft and romantic to start with and then jump into something upbeat and fun!

*Father and Daughter dance: if you are lucky and your dad will be present during your wedding day, he deserves the time to dance a soft song with you! He will realize that you are not his little one anymore.

*Mother and Son dance: ask to your Groom to select this song as; maybe there is a special song that remind him how much his mom love him.

*Party Start: choose an upbeat song for your guests start the party. You want that all your guests stand up and be in the dance area, it is time for the fun!

*Last Song: this song can be very soft or upbeat, you choose how you want your party ends up!

Ask to your Wedding Designer at for their preferred list of bands and DJ’s and have fun!

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