Being the destination in Mexico for weddings, one thing can definitely be said for the atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas: love is in the air! Being surrounded by the beautiful landscape and the gorgeous blue ocean makes every couple a bit more romantic. Standing with your love looking out as your best friend says “I Do” to the man or woman of their dreams makes everyone’s heart love a little more.

Now, we see many weddings here in Cabo and witness so many different venues and different wedding environments. But a couple of things can be said that have been consistent and an always present part of the destination wedding experience. One, your guests will have the time of a their lives celebrating and being around their friends and family for your wedding day, and two, they will not only be effected by the love between you and your spouse, but from the entire romantic experience of Cabo San Lucas.

And do not be fooled, our wedding planners and many vendors are not immune to the happiness and affection that is contagious in a beautiful wedding environment like Cabo. Just yesterday we witnessed Alec, of Alec and T. Photography, watch as his wife climbed to get the perfect shot of the bride and groom first dance, and saw him smile, take a picture of her, and say just barely loud enough,”I love you, T.” Such a simple moment, but one that we will remember as proof that a wedding in Cabo truly brings out the love and happiness to everyone who is apart of the day.

We love our brides and we love Cabo. So if you have any concerns or any questions whether this is the best place for you to have your destination wedding, worry no more. Contact us at Be That Bride Events, and let us create the most romantic day, and trip, of your life. And who knows, we may even get a little caught up in the beauty of the day, and the

love, ourselves!



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