Weddings Include Family & Friends

When you start your plans for your wedding day, there are a lot of things to consider. We believe every couple wants their ceremony to be memorable. They want it to not only be special to them but their guests enjoyment is a top priority. Choosing a destination wedding will automatically increase the fun value as the wedding includes a vacation, too! The country of Mexico instills a certain charm all itself, however, when Cabo is the destination, you can count on a host of family-friendly resorts to choose from along this magnificent coast.

These resorts are perfect Mexico wedding venues. Expect luxurious accommodations and amenities. Couples should search for a location that offers spacious rooms, onsite dining options, and activities. Esperanza, Fiesta Americana, and Secrets are fantastic resorts in this category, yet only scratch the surface of possibilities. Each known for its own brand of beautiful and will bring a unique flavor to all your onsite events and your family and friends will enjoy themselves throughout their stay.

Resorts with Views

The views and individual spaces of your chosen resort will become the backdrop for your wedding. At the same time, it will offer guests a relaxing setting. Shoreline locations are some of the country’s most popular locations for the casually elegant open air ceremony, reception and party. And, most can offer luxury and privacy within one of the many interior rooms if a formal ballroom is more to your liking.

Resorts that are Exciting

Most resorts that cater to families will have an exciting array of activities and attractions for everyone, add to that, the magnificent blue water coastline of Los Cabos. For outside activities, which are many, look to your front desk at any of these friendly resorts to keep your guests active and happy.

The best destination wedding accommodation is the one that satisfies all the needs of the wedding couple and their guests. Your wedding specialist with Be That Bride Events will be sure you get the accommodation that you need for the best destination wedding possible.

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