Los Cabos Best Wedding Venues

What an amazing wedding day we celebrated with this lovely couple. You can ever go wrong when mixing these incredible venues. Let’s talk about Sunset Da Mona Lisa and Cabo del Sol. Contact us directly at BeThatBrideEvents to answer more questions.

First of all, starting the ceremony at an open terrace in Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Also a lovely photo session with the amazing Alec&T photography team on the beach. And finally, moving all the guests to Cabo del Sol, were all the dances, dinner and party takes place.

As a result of combining these two venues, you get the best of both. Specially when all the guests are amazed and happy throughout the whole wedding day. As wedding planners, what keeps on going is the blissful faces of the couples on that unique day.

In addition, giving your special touch, enhance the beauty of these 2 venues. For example, he sparklers and the initials of these beautiful couple, as you can see in the following photos.

Therefore, thanks to Kaitlin, Kendal and your families, for letting us be a part of your big day. We wish you the very best for all the years to come, from the bottom of our hearts!

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