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From the first time we met with Kaitlin and Ben it was very clear that they are the kind of couple who like to make a statement.  And every part of their wedding echoed that piece of their personalities.  From the absolutely stunning floral cross, made entirely of orchids and roses, which seemed to look perfectly placed on the beach, to their selection of Capella as their venue, to the delightfully choreographed Father/Daughter dance that Kaitlin did with her dad – every single aspect of the day made a statement.  A statement of who this couple was as individuals, and who they would be together as husband and wife.  A weekend of dinners in the heart of Cabo, beachside morning yoga sessions, and perfect Cabo views was enjoyed by Ben and Kaitlin’s nearest and dearest all before rounding out their stay with their beautiful wedding day.  For Kaitlin and Ben we made sure to incorporate little pieces of Mexico – Mariachis at cocktail hour, maracas for escort cards, and even a tequila toast – to make the event feel like it was made for Cabo.  But the perfect weather and stunning views really made Kaitlin and Ben’s wedding feel like Cabo was truly made for them.


Wishing you all our best!
Candela & Lisa


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