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Congratulations!  You’re engaged to the love of your life and are beginning the journey of planning a destination wedding!  Reading suggestions from wedding design sites is a great place to garner suggestions for creating your dream wedding!  Planning and making decisions is a FUN part of your wedding experience, and you will undoubtedly develop a significant To-Do list.  My blog today has suggestions for items you might want to include on that list!

  1. How exciting that you can create exactly the wedding you’ve dreamed of – one that is totally individual and reflective of your personality as a couple.  Start off by thoughtfully picking the perfect spot to tie the knot!!  Once you have decided on the city, state and country, you’re half way there!  There are a great many venues to choose from.  Consider the size of your guest list, the time of the year, available accommodations, and the atmosphere of the resort or restaurant that you desire.  The internet is a great place to start!
  2. Hire a local wedding planner to help you select the perfect venue from the sites you have identified.  Make some calls to interview planners!  You will need someone who listens to your ideas and, just as importantly, can provide you with an answer – or meaningful list of choices to help you to pin down the place for your wedding and to help you through all the details that you are going to need to address.
  3. Pay attention to mother nature!  If you want an outdoor wedding, for example, check the usual climate patterns for the area you are considering.  Be sure that your choice will provide for your comfort as well as that of your guests!
  4. Choose the best time of day.  Sounds like a no-brainer, but think of this: you want a sunset wedding, but if you actually wait until sunset, a couple of things could happen.  First, by the end of the ceremony it might be too dark to take photographs showing you in your destination wedding environment.  Secondly, in the summer, when the sun doesn’t set until 8 pm, a ceremony at sunset moves everything else you have planned quite a bit later, while an earlier ceremony allows for pictures at sunset, dinner in the early evening, and party time until the resort requires a quiet time.
  5. If possible, plan a trip to meet your wedding planner, visit possible venues, sample menu choices and cake possibilities, and develop that great intuitive relationship with your wedding designer that will provide you with confidence that she can and will do everything you need in the months leading up to your wedding.
  6. Research local marriage requirements.  For example, in Mexico you can have a legal ceremony or a symbolic ceremony.  Decide which is better for you based on facts, and then make the appropriate arrangements.
  7. Consider the length of stay for most guests, and extend your plans to include activities for them.  There are zillions of choices, from meet-and-greet cocktails to dinner cruises or bonfires on the beach for the rehearsal dinner to farewell breakfasts the morning after your wedding.  Your wedding planner can help you – not just to plan, but to get the best prices on events of your choice.
  8. Send out a “Save the Date” announcement to family and friends so they are can request time off at work and can adjust their budgets to include for plane fare and hotel charges.
  9. Pack so that you can “dress the part” throughout your destination wedding events.  You’ll want to be dressed appropriately whether you’re serving as the hostess at a bonfire, spending spa time with your attendants, or donning a luscious dinner dress for a sophisticated rehearsal dinner.
  10. Finally, don’t waste your planning time.  Your wedding planner will provide you with suggested dates for completion of your major decisions, but even the tasks you assume at home before the wedding need to be included on your to-do list and checked off according to a reasonable schedule.  Last minute activities will arise, and keeping up with the things you can anticipate will allow you to tackle the unexpected without undue stress!

– Marci –

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