His Best Man, his best friend! For a Destination Wedding he will need one!

One of the tasks for a Groom it is to choose his Best Man and his groomsman(s).

This person will play a very important role during the planning and Wedding Day!

He can choose a friend (men o woman), a very close relative, a son or his father. He should choose the best person for him.

Most of the times, the Best Man will be in charge of the Bachelor Party before the Wedding. During the wedding day, the Best Man needs to be close to the Groom, make sure that he arrives on time to the ceremony, kept him calm and sober!

The Best Man will carry the wedding rings and kept it with him until the Officiant asks for it.  He will stand up next to the Groom during ceremony.

After ceremony and during the reception, the Best Man should say a toast for the Bride & Groom. Something short, lovely and funny; this toast can be just before the party starts, so he may invite to all the guests to participate in the party and dances!

Ask to your Wedding Designer at BeThatBrideEvents.com to work with you in your Timeline so his Best Man will know exactly what to do, and also the Wedding designer will be remember him the tasks during the Wedding Day!

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