Happy Father’s Day Dads from Cabo!  The worst, and best, day of a father’s life is watching his little girl get married. It is the one moment where a father loses his strong “dad” demeanor and cries as his pride and joy marries the love of her life. With Father’s Day this past weekend, we wanted to give a little attention and thanks to all the father’s out there.

It can’t be easy watching your little girl grow up, and it can only be even harder to walk her down the isle to hand her off to another man. But every girl dreams of that day. And ever father dreams of that day as well, with excitement and dread. It’s the final thing that a father does before his little girl is really officially “all grown up” (even though you will always be daddy’s little girl).

So here is a special thanks to the father’s of the bride (and yes dad’s of the groom too) for all they have done to make your life and your day as special as you can imagine.

Thank you Dads, and Happy Father’s Day from the talented planners at Be That Bride Events. Without you the father daughter dance wouldn’t be so beautiful and little girls wouldn’t feel like a princess.

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