Jimmy Choo Shoes

Ladies, remember you don’t always have to be bare foot during your Cabo beach ceremony. It’s no longer like it used to be. We are used to imagining all beach ceremonies without being able to wear heels. Boring! If you are anything like me, you will want to show off those Jimmy Choo shoes! I’m personally not a fan of my feet in the sand, but LOVE those waves crashing right next to me on the beach during a wedding. Thats why I like to consider options for an aisle. Here are a few quick options for you to still have that beach wedding but without all the sand to walk in:

– Coco Mat: Which is basically a strip of Burlap
– Planks: Wood flats
– Acrylic: My Favorite!!! You even have the option of choosing different colors!
– Wood: Spaces between wood (not recommended if wearing heels)
There you go! Quick and simple options that look fabulous!
Until next time,
– Amanda –

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