We know all you Grooms in Cabo San Lucas want to save money on your Bar! Right?

Signature cocktails

OK, fellas, having worked with hundreds of couples having destination weddings here in Cabo, we have observed that many grooms are interested in and supportive of their brides’ desires when it comes to decisions on wedding colors, favors for the guests, and choice of venue for all the events of their wedding, but they participate a bit more actively in a couple of general areas:  “What’s to Eat?” and “What’s It Going To Cost?”

With that in mind, today I want to offer a suggestion for controlling the cost of an open bar.  Have you heard of a “signature drink?”  It is a single cocktail to be offered along with a choice of beer, wine, and/or champagne.  By selecting just one cocktail, your wedding vendor can pass along to you the savings of not providing a total open bar.  Certainly something to think about!

You could offer an original cocktail recipe that you have created, or possibly your choice will reflect a drink that has special significance to you as a couple.  Possibly you can start with a particular type of liquor (maybe tequila for a Mexican wedding!) and work with a creative bartender to develop a drink which reflects the colors of your wedding and tastes delicious.

Just by deciding to celebrate your wedding in Cabo, you as a couple have shown yourselves not highly constrained by tradition.   You can feel free to use your sense of creativity and save a few dollars on the bar bill at the same time by offering a signature drink!  Have fun with it!

~ Marci


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