Garter toss during your Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

The garter toss tradition originated back to the 14th century. In parts of Europe the guests of the bride and groom believed having a piece of the bride’s clothing was thought to bring good luck.

So nowadays, the Bride wears the garter on the right leg just above the knee, after dinner and during the party, is used that the Bride toss her bouquet and then the Groom toss the garter.

These two items will be throwing to their single guests!

While the groom is taking out the garter from his bride, he will dance a sexy song, and then take out the garter with his hand or for more fun with his teeth.

After that, he will throw it backwards to their single men guests!

One part of the tradition say that the single man who catches the garter and the single lady who catches the bouquet will be married each other next!

Ask to your Wedding Designer at for some suggestions to have these two dances included in your Timeline.

Have fun and add this tradition to your party, your guests will enjoy it!

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