Wedding Cakes

The cutting of the cake at a wedding symbolizes the couples first shared task together as newlyweds while abundance and commitment are represented when the couple feed each other those first bights. Why it’s traditional to smear each others faces with cake is unknown, but it is playful!

 Traditionally, cakes are white to symbolize purity, however, there is no limit to the colors and flavors used in today’s more contemporary ceremonies. Rolled fondant has been the traditional finish and is a good choice for warm weather destinations, like Los Cabos.  Butter cream, the second most used icing, is softer and creamier with a buttery flavor and needs to be refrigerated up to the time of cutting.  Either of these delicious options lends itself well to adding fresh flowers, usually complementing your personalized color theme.

Ask us for our best recommendation for a wedding cake professional.  They can offer more elaborate creations that work with your overall theme and compliment the design on your invitations or menus.  As an added feature, a cake topper is used to depict the loving couple and maybe their favorite hobby, pastime or mutual passion. The personalized possibilities are endless!

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