Flowers in Cabo for your Destination Wedding!

We have to say that in Cabo the flowers for decoration doesn’t grow because the weather that we have, that is beautiful, sunny and almost no rain, but no good for flowers to grow.

However, we have really professional companies that dedicate to bring into Cabo very beautiful flowers that we use for our great weddings.

So based in that, you can choose almost any kind of flowers that you like.

Talk with your Wedding Designer at to provide you with a list of the seasonal flowers available for the season of your wedding. Also with the exotic flowers that are available for you and then you can decide.

Remember that you can use your flowers bouquet’s as centerpieces for your cocktail or dinner tables.

Choose your flowers and colors accordingly with your likes. Not everything has to be white; you can have light colors or bright colors. You say it and we get it for you.

And don’t forget to add few flowers to your Hair Style, you will love it!







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