There are various moments in the wedding process that many people love. Moments like the bride walking down the aisle, or hearing all the wonderful words from friends and family during the toasts. But there is one thing its fairly safe to say that all adore. The wedding cake! Whether its a big exaggerate pastry master piece, or a simple yet delicious and edible decor, the wedding cake is always a winner. So what kind of cake should you consider for your destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas? Don’t worry, we have some ideas and trends for you to consider.


The Naked Cake

A new trend that seems to be taking off course America is the idea of a “Naked Cake”. With a wonderful and delicious wedding cake creation, this design has one major difference from all other cakes. No icing! You can see all of the inner workings and delicious components of the wedding cake, leaving it (in lack of a better fitting word) almost completely “Naked”. What could be more perfect in an ever warm environment like Cabo, than a cake that you can be assured the icing will not melt.


Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Many cakes today also have seen an increase in incorporating a brides flowers into the decoration of the wedding cake. Whether take actual real flowers (which we love!) or created beautiful flower master pieces from frosting, incorporating your flowers from your bouquet make the wedding cake more than just a simple cake. A small cake, or a large cake, having a simple touch of color from your flowers of choice can make all the difference in making a simple wedding cake the perfect wedding cake for your destination wedding.


Hola, Ombre

Another amazing trend in cakes that we have fallen in love with has been the the Ombre icing. Cabo San Lucas is full of colors in not only the stores and style of the many natives and tourists, but in the beautiful environment and sunsets that you see while visiting. With all the colors, what could be more perfect than a cake that fades from the deep blue of the ocean surrounding the famous Cabo Arch to the beautiful blue sky that is forever present 360 days a year. Ombre icing on cakes are a fun and new trend that we know would fit perfect with a destination wedding in Cabo.


Your wedding cake is an open book to your creative side. With destination weddings, you can have something sophisticated and simple or something wild and unique. That is the beauty of destination weddings, and the beauty of Cabo! Contact us at Be That Bride Events, and we can make sure you get every detail you desire for your wedding day here in Cabo. Especially the delicious details of your wedding cake! Our wedding planners would love to be apart of helping you create your perfect wedding celebration.



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