Entertainment for your Destination Wedding in Los Cabos

If you would like to add something different and fun for your wedding reception, think in add some entertainment.

In Los Cabos we have different options that you can choose from.

Think in the time during dinner, you can have some dances like Mexican Folklore; your guests will love to see some of it while eating.

Another option will be to have Fire Dancers! This show is really nice, has to be performed on exterior, when is dark and with a wide space.  Imaging the sparklers of the fire!

If you really like the bright and fire, having a Bonfire for welcoming your guest to your Destination Wedding is a great idea as well! Or for ending your great Wedding Day, what about an after party on the sand with a great Bonfire?

During the Bonfire you can also release some Wishing Lamps! Your guests will love this and will have nice wishes for both of you!

Also, for your first dance or ending your party, some sparklers or even better some Fireworks will bring spectacular bright to your Wedding Night!

Talk with your Wedding Planner at BeThatBrideEvents.com and ask for proposal and the different options of Entertainment available for your date and have fun!

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