Drinks for your Wedding at Los Cabos! And everyone said Salud!

One other very important decision that affects your wedding cost it is the type of Bar that you will choose for your guests during your Wedding Events.

If you go for the option for an All-Inclusive Resort for you and your guests staying and Wedding Events, then you should have the same bar included in the plan during your events. And most of the times, you will have the option for upgrade your Bar. This will be an easy decision!

When you are having your Wedding Events at different location than the Resort, then you need to analyze if your guests are drinkers or not.

As Wedding Designers at BeThatBrideEvents.com we recommend to have an open bar during your Wedding Events. You can choose just wine, beer, Margaritas and soft drinks. Another option it is to have a Domestic or International Open Bar. In that way your guests will drink as much as they want and you don’t have to be worry during your Wedding Night.

If you choose the “per consumption” or “cash bar” maybe you will hurt your guests feelings, they are coming from far away and spending their money to share time with you, so is not fair for them to pay the drinks during your events. Or at the end of the night you will have to pay a considerable amount for the drinks that you didn’t expect. Avoid this issue choosing an open bar and save some money on it! You and all your guests will be happy and enjoying the party without any worries!

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