Don’t forget your Wedding Ring for your Destination Wedding at Los Cabos!

The Wedding Ring is a very important symbol used during the Wedding Ceremony, so don’t forget to pack it when you’re having a Destination Wedding or at your room, just before the ceremony; make sure that someone brings it down the Ceremony!

Wedding rings are symbol of commitment, alliance, partnership and love. The rings are circular like love, with no beginning and no end. They are made of solid material which meant to survive years and years of hand-holding.

Couples wear their wedding rings every day as a symbol of their love.

The Wedding Ring should be using on the left ring finger, after the Engagement Ring; an old history said that it is because from this finger the vein goes directly to the heart!

During the Wedding Ceremony the Minister will indicate the accurate time to bring out the rings and the special words to be said during the exchange of the rings from Bride & Groom.  Your professional photographer should be ready to capture this important moment.

Your Wedding Designer at will introduce you with the Minister for you to know exactly your Ceremony step by step.

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